Celebrity Baby Name Predictions Ft. Alena J Ingle

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions Ft. Alena J Ingle

Sasha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Josh & Anna Duggar, Jill & Derrick Dillard, Carrie Underwood, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Erin Bates Paine, Chad Paine.



Amelia EverythingBabyNames says:



What do you think they’ll name her?

McKenna? Mary? Matilda? Madisyn? Madison? Madilyn? Miranda? What are your
“M” name guesses for baby GIRL Duggar? 

Amelia EverythingBabyNames says:

Carrie Underwood has had her baby! The name is….

Isaiah Michael Fisher

krisscouture says:

I adore Aviva! It’s so fresh sounding, i think of fresh like a meadow in
the spring just clean air.
I really like Ezekiel. Ezekiel Richard sounds great! I think the royal
couple is having a girl! I think they’d use Diana Elizabeth for a middle
and go back a bit further (in Royal name history) for the first name. She’s
gotta be due soon seems like she’s been pregnant forever!

NutsAboutNames says:

I think that if Erin and Chad have a boy, they will name him Charles
Stephen. Chad’s full name is Charles Stephen Paine III, so their son could
be IV 🙂

I reckon Elizabeth is definitely a contender for first or middle name spot,
obviously because of the Queen, but it’s also Kate’s middle name 🙂 I don’t
think they would use Charlotte, because it’s Pippa’s middle name. Or maybe
that could be a reason that they would! 🙂

Amelia is a royal name, so who knows! 🙂 It was the name of one of George
II’s daughters, and one of George III’s daughters 🙂 The first Princess
Amelia’s full name was Amelia Sophia Eleanor 🙂 Pretty right? And all of
George III’s children had lovely names: George, Frederick, William,
Charlotte, Edward, Augusta Sophia, Elizabeth, Ernest Augustus, Augustus
Frederick, Adolphus, Mary, Sophia, Octavius, Alfred and Amelia 🙂 Well, I’m
not a fan of Adolphus (for obvious reasons!), but the rest are nice :)

TulipByAnyName says:

I love the Bates family! I picture Erin having a girl named Eloise for some
I definitely think baby Dilly will have Richard in his name.
Cute hair Alena, cute top Amelia!

Baby Names Buzz says:

Sasha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher: I think Aviva is a definite possibility.
But I think they will go with something like Ezra or Tobias for a boy

Josh & Anna Duggar: Moses was the first boy’s name I thought of for them! I
hope they use it! For a girl, I love ur ideas and they totally make sense
but for some reason, I see them going with a girl name with a different
style than Mackynzie, something like Matilda or Mariah

Erin & Chad Paine: I too think they will pick something kind of
“nick-namey” bc many of the Bates kids have nick name sounding full names.
So Ellie is great and myb Jamie for a boy (though I think Sullivan would be
a PERFECT choice too and I personally love that name)

Jill & Derrick Dillard: I am DYING to see what they will pick! They seem
like the “modern” couple of the family, like they front hugged before
engagement (GASP lol) so i think they will pick a unique, old biblical name
like Zachariah Richard (and if they were having a girl I think something
like Ruth or Tabitha)

Carrie Underwood: I don’t really know Carrie Underwood’s music but Charles
Nashville & Nash Charleston (or just Nash Charles) sounds like a perfect
little southern prince charming lol. I adore the name Nash too!

Prince William & Kate Middleton: I definitely think they will use Diana &
Spencer somewhere in the names! I think ur predictions r spot on but i
kinda hope they use Albert as a first name, it’s been really growing on me
lately lol

chibi07phoenix says:

This is a fun video, when all of these couples have their kids i think you
should do an up to date video where you talk about what you had predicted
and whether or not it was close to their choice :). Out of your picks,
these are the ones that I think sound the best as sibsets :
Olive, Elula and Aviva
Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Madison
Charles Nashville or Nash Charleston(Or Charles Nash) all sound perfect to
me for them !
George and Philip(Although I love the name you put together for a little

cassmaelou says:

I’m excited to see what Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel name their baby.
I have no idea what they would even go for. On one hand I could see them
going completely wild with the name, but also could see them being
traditional. I have no clue…

Casey Swanson says:

I think Carrie Underwood will name her son Beau, it just popped into my

Kara Cavazos says:

My royal predictions are: Alice Elizabeth Victoria & Arthur Frederick James

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